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From 2006 to 2009, I was able to create an ability to create a dream job through a three-year apprenticeship in carpentry. In my training as a carpenter, I participated in the “Leonardo Da Vinci” exchange program, during which I restored a church from the 8th century with traditional tools for several months in Norway. In addition, I worked in the Ship Museum of Oslo, where I met the royal couple from Norway for the first time. In my training I completed a Schiftkurs with certificate. After completing my apprenticeship in Berlin, I continued to work in my training company until 2010, when I decided to prove my skills as a roofer in the harsh winter landscape of Buskerud Komune (Norway). There I worked together with a German master roofer abroad and gained additional experience in the roof plumbing.

Until the winter of the year, I built two wooden frame structures for the storage of ships in Sweden. In 2011 I worked again in Oslo. As a museum carpenter I worked in the National Library, the auditorium and in various museums in the city. My work consisted of restoring museum objects and erecting exhibitions or implementing design proposals and plans of designer, observer and craftsmen teams. I created the space for many visitors to the exhibitions: “Mr Dag Solstad” (Media Hero in Scandinavia), “Northmen in Berlin of the 19th and 20th centuries” and “Roald Amundson – First North Man at the North Pole” – just to name a few exhibitions. A qualitative highlight of my craftwork for the Kingdom of Norway was my work in the auditorium of Oslo, where the 10 largest paintings by Edvard Munch are exhibited and the celebrations following the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony take place regularly. After a two-year restoration period of the images of an observatory team, they were carefully assembled by us to their original location and provided with gigantic picture frames. In addition, I also worked for private customers on his houses or on their roofs or on their country houses and huts in the woods. With my newly acquired knowledge and experience, I did not want to leave my German master craftsman title in the way.

At first, I completed in November 2012 a “Technical Specialist” course at the HWK Berlin. The basis for this decision was and is for me the fact that modern industrial and handicraft enterprises face ever more complex challenges. Technical requirements and developments need to be balanced with economic needs and opportunities so that all areas work efficiently. This is the only way manufacturing companies can survive on the market today. This requires well-trained specialists who are capabale to assess, coordinate and control operations from a technical as well as an economic perspective and thus act as a link between production, organization and management. In addition, I participated in a computer course with success, acquiring very good skills in the PC business program WEKA. With the professional qualification “Technical Specialist” I also have a formal knowledge in the commercial sector.


In February 2013 successfully passed my exam at the HWK Berlin proving the acquisition of the vocational and educational qualification. At the HWK Frankfurt (Oder) I acquired the theoretical and practial knowlege to completed my master’s degree. My knowledge in “Schiften” were also characterized by visits to the HWK Kassel and HWK Chemnitz masterfully, since there the German national team of carpenters in the field of activity “Schiften” is trained. In addition, I participated in a course that licensed me to be a skilled person in building and dismantling scaffolding. With the drawing programs “Sema” and “Trim Fox” I was able to improve my competitiveness versus the older generation in wood crafting, since many calculations and drawings are now faster to receive or even as a PDF to a CNC milling machine ready to ship with the Data from a machine to make a wooden construction.


With the acquisition of my master craftsman title of carpenters, I now have the formal qualification for the establishment of a carpentry specialist company with entry in the commercial register A of the Chamber of Crafts in Germany. In the craft role a handicap requiring trade is registered by a person who fulfills the handicraft registration requirements according to § 7 Abs. 1 a HwO (for example master exam) in the craft requiring certification or in a related craft requiring certification.