Business idea EN

My company is specialized in carpentry and works in the field of construction and wood construction. A carpentry is a wood construction company where carpenters deal with the production and processing of wood. Most of them are responsible for the erection of statically stressed wooden constructions or special components. They mainly use solid wood for their work, but wood-based materials, plastics or aluminum are also processed by the carpenter.

In my carpentry, components are made of wood. These include, inter alia, trusses, balconies or verandas, as well as entire roof structures with roof-window installations. Even complete structures made of wood such as carports, barracks, warehouses, agricultural outbuildings, roofing, wood finishing and wood / building protection or block and garden houses can be offered or produced by me. Usually a carpentry is also in the interior design asked. Here I build floors, wooden ceilings, stairs or complete wall coverings made of wood. as well as window and door installations. Dry construction work for the erection and closing of surfaces in the interior construction or design of premises such as plasterboard walls are of course also performed to painters and bricklaying activities. When working at trade fairs in Berlin and Brandenburg, partitions made of wall system elements are assembled and dismantled in a chord. My carpentry also offers buildings made of solid wood, timber frame construction, wooden panel construction and wood frame construction. Producing and assembling complicated roof shapes in the framework is one of the special skills that I can cover with my company. Special intricate dormer shapes, which show off magnificently in attic conversions, are manufactured in individual pieces in my company and assembled on site.

If my carpentry accepts orders in timber engineering, then it is usually involved in the erection of towers and bridges (civil engineering, civil engineering and hydraulic engineering). Even the production of cladding or thermal and sound insulation work as well as shipbuilding fall into the range of services of my carpentry. In principle, I offer all services listed in the ATV-DIN 18334.